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Commercial Litigation

Our firm specializes in conflict management and representation in complex corporate litigation, including shareholder disputes, battle for control, minority shareholder oppression, claims against officers and directors, derivative lawsuits, and more. Our legal support and preliminary advice start from the initial stages of the conflict, providing a crisis management strategy tailored to the specific circumstances of the case.
Our seasoned legal team provides a comprehensive framework for responding to the urgent needs arising in such situations. This often requires a quick and efficient resolution of the dispute, while protecting the ongoing operations of the company.
Our firm is experienced in managing disputes in the economic courts and in the Supreme Court, as well as in the family courts, including in matters of jurisdiction.

Civil Litigation

Our firm handles all aspects of complex corporate-commercial disputes, including contractual disputes, monetary claims in the tens of millions of shekels, real estate disputes, proprietary and commercial disputes between family members, and more.
Our firm provides comprehensive legal support, within and outside the courts, with the aim of reaching quick, efficient and creative solutions. These include providing preliminary advice, enabling preliminary preparation and even assisting, under the appropriate circumstances, in preventing the development of legal disputes.

Administrative Litigation

Our firm specializes in administrative law. We represent companies, political parties, and private clients in a variety of administrative petitions filed against decisions by various authorities, in particular in the field of Tender Laws and education matters, as well as petitions to the High Court of Justice on matters of principle.


Our firm has extensive experience in managing long and complex arbitration proceedings in Israel and abroad, in a variety of legal fields, including various interim proceedings in arbitration proceedings, such as petitions to appoint arbitrators, petitions for interim relief, petitions to vacate arbitration rulings, and more. Our firm also offers expedited arbitration proceedings on tight schedules.

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Our firm has extensive experience in negotiations during crises, aimed at advancing quick and efficient resolutions outside the court, in a timely manner – both as part of the negotiations between the parties and in the framework of mediation proceedings. In addition, Adv. Tal Shapira serves as a mediator in commercial and civil disputes.

Defamation Law

Our firm specializes in defamation lawsuits and handles prominent lawsuits in this field. We represent public figures, business people, media personalities, private entities, and more.
Amongst other cases, our firm represented (pro-bono) in the proceedings surrounding the screening of the movie “Jenin Jenin”, in which a historic precedent was issued, prohibiting the screening. The appeal submitted to the Supreme Court was denied in a in a landmark judgment in the field of defamation.
Our firm has extensive experience in providing an initial and immediate response aimed at preventing publications in advance, as well as managing legal proceedings that receive significant media coverage. We tailor the handling of each case according to the client’s needs and wishes.

Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds

Our firm provides venture capital funds and private equity funds with expert legal advice on all aspects of their fund-related activities. We accompany the process of establishing the fund to ensure it has the best legal framework for its needs, while preparing the formative documents and registering the fund in the most beneficial jurisdiction for it and its partners.
We represent local and foreign venture capital funds, private equity and corporate funds in their various investments in companies – in Israel and abroad.
We are deeply involved in the negotiation process of the fund’s formation, between the limited partners, paying attention to their interests and the general partner, alongside the management company and other stakeholders.
We have extensive experience handling a wide range of activities, helping our clients to structure the deal that is most beneficial to them. Activities include asset and share purchase agreements, mergers, venture debt financing, and reorganizations.
We conduct due diligence for our clients, draft and negotiate transaction documents, obtain regulatory approvals and bring transactions to completion.
We work with funds of all types. We handle multinational transactions involving foreign and Israeli funds and companies navigating the legal and regulatory challenges of different jurisdictions, while cooperating with foreign counsel when necessary. We also advise our clients on exit strategies in connection with their portfolio companies.
Additionally, we work closely with our clients to formulate winning strategies that will ensure the most tax-efficient deals and fund structures.


Our team of leading and experienced attorneys provides our clients with the highest quality representation and devises creative solutions to meet business and legal challenges.
We have extensive experience working with high-tech companies at all stages of their development. We work closely with founders who have an initial idea on setting up the suitable structure for their venture. We advise them on how to protect their idea and rights and accompany them in the initial fundraising (Pre-seed, Seed) to bring their idea to fruition. Later, we advise on the more significant investment rounds, and finally also on mergers and acquisitions at significant valuations.
We advise entrepreneurs on recruiting and company development strategies, including founders’ agreements, option plans, as well as working with boards of directors and investors, and more. In addition, we advise on all aspects of the startup’s needs, including drafting employment agreements, labor advice, licenses, joint ventures and collaborations, regulatory compliance, and litigation.
We have expertise in various technology industries, such as software, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, internet, security, cyber-security, information privacy, fintech, cryptocurrencies, automotive and smart mobility, hardware design and manufacturing, life sciences, and digital health.

Third Sector: Associations and Non-Profit Organizations

Our firm specializes in representing third sector organizations: associations and non-profit organizations, such as non-governmental organizations and non-profit organizations (NGOs and NPOs), public benefit corporations (PBCs) and associations.
We bring an in-depth understanding of the laws applicable to non-profit organizations and associations, ensuring the best legal frameworks for their activities. Our advice covers drafting and amending various articles of association, tailoring legal frameworks to their specific activities, obtaining management permits necessary to receive benefits and support, and more.
We have extensive experience in representing non-profits in their ongoing activities in a variety of areas, including donation agreements, partnership agreements, reporting duties and maintaining governmental support. In addition, we assist non-profit managers to fulfill their role and duties as officers. Our extensive experience also includes advising NGOs and NPOs in internal disputes.
Our team has a unique understanding of corporate governance applicable to third sector associations. We accompany management committee meetings and general assemblies and represent our clients vis a vis the NPOs Registrar.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our firm has a prominent mergers and acquisitions practice, which accompanies transactions in diverse sectors in the market. Our team has extensive experience in representing companies in local and international mergers and acquisitions.
We advise both buyers and sellers in all aspects of the transaction, as well as conduct negotiations with the target companies, shareholders, and other interested parties.
We make our extensive experience available to our clients by assisting in formulating the structure of the deal, conducting the necessary due diligence reviews, negotiating the drafting of the documents, paying attention to the unique characteristics of each client and their business framework, including devising the option plan and employee retention strategies.
We utilize our capabilities to obtain the necessary regulatory approvals while working with government ministries, such as the Competition Authority, in order to bring about the completion of the transaction in the most efficient manner.
Accordingly, we have led many successful transactions, combining an uncompromising commitment to protecting the client’s interest together with a practical view of the transaction’s progress and success. In addition, we assist our clients in post-merger integration and dispute resolution.


We offer comprehensive commercial legal services to clients in a variety of industries. Our extensive experience allows us to design and implement the best and most efficient results across a wide range of transactions.
We help clients draft and negotiate commercial contracts that match their business needs and protect their interests. Our practice group regularly handles, drafts and negotiates all types of commercial agreements, including licenses and agreements pertaining to software employment, partnership, distribution, supply, retail, OEM, collaborations, R&D, dispatch, contract manufacturing, supplier financing, key arrangements, engineering services, consulting and joint ventures. We also advise on legal, regulatory, corporate governance and compliance matters that arise in ongoing commercial activity.
In addition, we advise in connection with the pledging of securities and bonds and handle registration. We also help clients stay up-to-date with regards to market procedures.

White Collar Offenses

Our firm handles Israel’s most prominent and high-profile white collar cases.
We specialize in offenses in the field of securities, competition law (antitrust), money laundering, bribery, bribery of a foreign public official, fraud and breach of trust, tax offenses, and negligent homicide. Our firm has a unique specialization in civil suits related to criminal proceedings, including embezzlement cases, civil lawsuits following criminal convictions, derivative suits related to criminal proceedings, and more.
We have extensive experience appearing before committees, legal and quasi-legal tribunals, such as the State Comptroller, investigative committees, the Civil Service Commission and disciplinary tribunals, the Securities Authority’s Administrative Enforcement Committee, and more.
Our clients include businesspeople and public figures, prime ministers, ministers, members of the Knesset, and mayors.
In addition, our firm regularly advises banks and other financial institutions in all matters related to the implementation of the Anti-Money Laundering Law, including handling the audit report of the Banking Supervisor and representation before the Sanctions Committee. We also provide routine consulting for corporations on Competition Law matters, including preparing internal enforcement plans and on antitrust matters.


Our firm advises shareholders and officers of corporations that have encountered financial difficulties.
We provide consulting and support, including prior to the commencement of insolvency proceedings and throughout the process.
In addition, our firm represents creditors in insolvency proceedings.

Real Estate

Our firm provides legal advice and support for a wide range of real estate transactions, including development projects, urban renewal, property sale and purchase transactions, leases, and more.